Godot 3.1 Asteroids Tutorial for Beginners [1] Ship Movement


Hello everybody! Welcome to my brand new Asteroids tutorial for Godot Engine 3.1! This series is meant as an introduction to the Godot Engine. It is good for people who are new to game development or just want to learn the engine. We will be using Godot’s GDScript for this tutorial, a very robust and easy to learn language. If you have any experience with Python, it shares a lot of the same syntax.

In this tutorial, we will be recreating the classic game Asteroids. We will have a ship that can turn, accelerate, and wrap around the screen when on the edge. In the next tutorial we will allow it to shoot asteroids that will split into smaller asteroids.

I will be explaining the Godot Editor as thoroughly as I can. As for programming with GDScript itself, I will be explaining what each important line does but not anything like what a variable or function is. You should be able to follow even as a beginner though.

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This tutorial was made with Godot Engine 3.1 alpha 5. It will function exactly the same when stable is released.