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Zelda-like Engine Progress [2] Basic level editor

Today I put in the “Maker” part of “Zelda Maker.” You can place the three tiles that are in the game, set the boundaries of the room, and run the game. The room boundaries were by far the hardest part, but they’re working pretty well right now. Those are what tells the camera to snap to the corners (instead of always being centered on the player).

In the future I’d like to have a visual indicator on what your room selection looks like. It’ll probably just be a square that snaps to the grid, and maybe becomes different colors depending on if the room is smaller than the camera or something.

There’s a bug you can see with the player not going back to the default state and instead strafing around. Maybe I can get back to working on the actual gameplay tomorrow 😉

Zelda-like Engine Progress [1] Variable room sizes

Hey everyone! Last year I made a series on how to create your own Zelda-like game in Godot Engine 3.0. After a while I got a bit tired of doing that and took a few months off to work on a game called Terra Labyrinth. That game is still in progress, but I found myself wanting to continue what I started with the Zelda project. Because of the release of Godot 3.1 making some of the previous videos outdated, and not wanting to remake the series not even a year after the original one started, I decided to do something else.

The plan is to create a sort of “Zelda Maker.” It will be kinda like the Level Editor test that’s been sitting on this website for months except actually polished. You will be able to create Zelda dungeons and share them with other people. For the first few demo releases it will be closed-source, but once I reach a version I am happy with (or if I get bored of what I have) I will upload the source. For those of you who are only here for the tutorials, I will take any cool features that deserve tutorials and make videos on them.

This first progress update shows a few major changes between the old Zelda-like project and this new one.

  1. It’s widescreen now.
  2. Rooms can be different sizes, and the camera will properly lock itself to the room.
  3. For rooms that are too small for the camera to fit, it will zoom into the room so that the edge of the camera touch the sides of the screen.
  4. There is a lot less content than the tutorials (I’ll get there!)

Basically each room has its own Area2D node that are stretched to the boundaries of the room. When the player enters the area, it takes the camera and sets the limits to the size of the area’s collision shape. On small rooms, it sets the camera’s zoom to the smallest margin of the room.

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