Godot Level Editor Test

Godot Level Editor Test

Hey! This is a level editor prototype that I am adding onto my Zelda-like project. It is very bare-bones and will likely not be updated very often. Eventually I will have a tutorial series to show how you can make your own level editor.

Because I tacked this onto my Zelda project, it is currently bound to a 160*144 resolution. There is only support for one map and you cannot clear it.

Editor Controls

    • Left mouse button to paint tile
    • Right mouse button to erase tile
    • Mouse wheel to select tile (sorry laptop users!!)
    • Tab to rotate door tiles
    • Arrow keys to move camera
    • Shift to speed up camera
    • “Run” in top right corner to start game

Game Controls

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Z to use sword
  • X to use bow
  • Enter to respawn
  • Escape to return to editor

Known Issues

  • Sometimes when entering editor or the game inputs will be held down until they are pressed by user
  • Game Over screen is currently 1/4 of the size of the actual screen
  • Rupee, heart, and key sound effects do not play


  • Editor camera is now zoomed out 200%
  • Enemy doors added – use tab to position them. Doors only open if all enemies in the room are defeated
  • Keys and locked doors added – hold up to nine keys


Andrew Glubrecht, http://www.retro-dragon.com/ – player, enemy, item, HUD, and other sprites

Kyle Steven Schaff, https://twitter.com/gamekrazzy – tile set graphics